St. Mary’s Administration Team 2023-2024

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students in the Active & Community Living Pathway

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students with surnames beginning:  A D

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Welcome to St. Mary’s High School, at the heart of Kitchener where we welcome a diverse and growing population of students.

At St. Mary’s our mission statement is Rooted in Faith, Learning in Love, Dedicated to Excellence and it is the foundation of our school and our community believes strongly that “Where kindness matters, community grows”, something our students hear every day during our announcements.  We pride ourselves on being kind and gracious and this is demonstrated daily throughout our building and in support of our community through many social justice initiatives.

Our priority is the success, wellbeing, and safety of the students at St. Mary’s.  We celebrate all people, we value the successes of each person, and we work every day to create a place for all.  As a community, we strive to fulfill our motto developing excellence of each individual.  The development of the whole person is embedded in our Catholic Graduate Expectations which are unique to our school board and our staff is committed to supporting the achievement of these expectations for all students during their time at school.

St. Mary’s offers educational programs that meet the pathway needs of all our students including Apprenticeship, College, Community, University, Workforce.   Outside the classroom, we believe it is important to get involved and hope that each of our students seek out the incredible options available through school intramurals and inter-school athletics, performing and visual arts, student activities council, athletic council, and the extensive clubs available.

Last year, our community of staff, students, and parents, worked to create our school equity statement which embodies the expectations we hold for ourselves and our commitment to anti-racist work where we continue to learn and grow.

St. Mary’s equity statement is:

We are Eagles who are accepting and understanding of all cultures, races, and differences.
We understand that everyone has their story to be told and accept and listen to each one with respect and kindness.
We will continue to grow and learn from one another to build a harmonious and loving community. 

We ask our students to also consider the following throughout the school year.


  • With Patience with yourselves and others, reach out to staff members to answer your questions and for supports to ensure that you have a successful year.
  • With Kindness, you never know when your words or actions can lift the spirit of another.
  • With Integrity, remembering the importance of Equity, choosing to do the right thing, and seeing the opportunity each day to make our school and the world a better place.
  • As a leader by taking responsibility for keeping yourself, your family, and your community healthy.

We know our students and staff do their very best to support each other, working together to ensure a culture of inclusivity and belonging and to achieve success.  We are so proud of our community in all that they do each day!

You are encouraged to be part of our community, sharing your voice and celebrating alongside our staff and students. Please do not hesitate reach out to the school with any concerns, questions or to seek further clarification.

We look forward to a wonderful school year!
Go Eagles!

Deanna Wehrle
Principal, St. Mary’s High School