School Crest

SMHS Academic Crest

The school crest has for the students a rich symbolism and profound message. The open book is clearly indicative of the purpose of the school - to impart knowledge. Surmounting this book is a monogram "M" with a cross above it. This designates the Virgin Mary as Patroness of the school and the most beautiful model of girlhood. The cross bespeaks the Christian attitudes of the students. The twelve stars emblazoned along the upper border represents those forming the diadem of the "Woman in the Apocalypse". They are the prophetic symbols of Our Lady's privileges and outstanding virtues. The students will always hold Mary as their ideal model regardless of their choice of vocation.

The shield, a common shape used in heraldry, is indicative of the efforts and self-discipline so necessary in acquiring and maintaining the highest educational and moral standards. The branches of laurel and ivy also symbolize the strength and personal dedication so essential in striving to attain the highest goals in Catholic education and Catholic living.

Finally, the motto, "Virtus et Scientia", virtue and knowledge-succinctly expresses the whole aim of the school to impart profound truths in both the religious and secular subjects so that its graduates may go forth as valiant young people strong in character, virtue and learning.