Graduation Information

To be eligible to participate in graduation, it is mandatory that each student has:

Grad Class of 2017

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Grad Awards

The following awards have, in the past, been presented during the graduation ceremony.
This list will be updated throughout the school year.
Note: some of the awards involve an application process. More information and application form will be posted later this school year.

Graduating students should also consult the Post-Secondary and Career Planning page on the St. Mary's webiste.

Community Awards: 2016/2017 Application Form For Community Awards (MS Word Format)

Award Name Criteria
Award Amount
Doon Pioneer Park Community Association Volunteer Spirit Award Presented to a student pursuing post-secondary education, who resided in this community during high school, with an outstanding record in volunteerism
Kitchener South-West Optimist Club Award Presented to an all-around student who has demonstrated community and school involvement
2 @$250
Lieutenant Governors Community Volunteer Award for Students Presented to a student for exemplary community contribution or outstanding achievement through volunteer activity
$200 (donated by SMH)
The R.J. McCarthy Scholarship Presented to the student who has made significant contribution to the quality of student life and whose character and accomplishments exemplify the mission of the school
St. Marys CWL Scholarship for Christian Values and Social Justice An award for students who work toward the betterment of the world through a commitment to social justice
2 @ $150
The Kinsmen Award An award presented to a student continuing with post-secondary education for academic achievement, involvement in extra-curriculars and community service
The Elizabeth Woodger Award Presented to a student with strong Catholic faith, outstanding commitment to social justice and plans for post-secondary education
The Deborah Warner Memorial Award Presented to a female student for academic achievement and outstanding community service
Waterloo County School Bus Operators Association Award Presented to a student who has demonstrated good academic and or personal achievement and will be attending post-secondary education
Government of Canada Leadership Award Awarded to a student who has contributed to the overall enhancement of student life through extra-curricular and community activities and has demonstrated personal academic achievement  

Awards with a Special Application Process:

Award Name Criteria
Award Amonut
St. Anthony Daniel Parish Pastoral Council Award Presented to a graduating student who has displayed an active involvement in the parish. Check the parish bulletin for details.
University of Waterloo St. Jeromes University - The Founders Scholarship
Waterloo Catholic Schools Foundation - Awards of Distinction:
  1. Literary Arts
  2. Performing Arts
  3. Athleticism
  4. Math, Science, or Technology
  5. Faith and Social Justice
  6. Catholic Youth Leadership
The Waterloo Catholic Schools Foundation has recently established the Awards of Distinction program honouring Catholic secondary school graduates who demonstrated exemplary performance in one or more of the award categories through academic achievement and participation in extra-curricular school activities.
$100 each
Gaspard Scholarship

Presented by Gaspard Canada who supplies the rental gowns for graduation. Applications available at

France Ann Sweeney Award See your Guidance Counsellor for more details – Applications due in grade 11  

Awards determined by criteria or staff (no application process):

Award Name Criteria
Award Amount

The Moore Family Scholarship for Literary Excellence

Awarded to a student who completed Gr. 11 Pre-AP English, Gr. 12 Pre-AP English and the AP English Exam. Marks for each of the three courses will be tabulated, an average obtained, and the award administered to the student with the highest average mark. In the event of a tie, the highest mark on the English AP exam will be the detemining factor.

The Moore Family Scholarship for Dedication to Literary Studies Awarded to a student (as determined by the student's Gr. 11 and Gr. 12 Pre-AP teacher) who demonstrates a high level of dedication to the study of English. The qualifications for this scholarship will not be based on marks, but on commitment to literature and the arts. I.e. This student may not have the highest mark in their English studies, but they demonstrate a profound passion for learning/love of English. Criteria to consider throughout grade 11 and grade 12

1) completion of grade 11 and 12 pre-AP English courses
2) participation and enthusiasm in English classes
3) thoughtful engagement with works chosen for class, either in discussion or in papers
4) high quality of writing and communication skills
5) extra-curricular involvement with literature. Examples could be, but are not limited to: submissions to writing contests, involvement in literacy programs, participation in drama productions, enrolment in more than one English class per year, etc.
6) independent learner
7) thinks outside the box
8) risk taker
Aramark Hospitality Award Presented to a student who has demonstrated exceptional quality in hospitality services
Canadian Federation of University Women - Dr. Mabel B. Dunham Award Presented to the female with the highest academic average in 6 university level courses.
$150 + book
Canadian Federation of University Women – Edna Haviland Chemistry Award Presented to the female student with the highest average in grade 12 University level Chemistry $150
Mission Statement Award Awarded to two students who exemplify the school's mission statement
2 @ $250
The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region - The J. Frank Clifford Appreciation Award Presented to one male and one female for outstanding achievement at the college level or workplace level.
2 @ $500
Eagle Citizenship Award Awarded to a student for personal achievement and a positive attitude in the school community
Theresa Horan Award Presented to a student who has graduated despite obstacles and challenges, showing perseverance, persistence and determination to reach their goals  
Cathy Horgan Award Presented to a graduate who has made significant contributions to enriching the school and faith community of SMH  
Jostens Rings Valedictorian Awards Presented to the Valedictorians
Class Ring
The Father Funken Knights of Colombus Awards Scholarship for general proficiency (4th, 5th, 6th, 7thhighest graduating average)
4 @ $250
Diocese of Hamilton Award Presented to a student with an informed moral conscience, who takes initiative, demonstrates Christian leadership in a quiet, subtle manner and leads by example
St. Marys Awards of Academic Merit Presented for academic merit to 1st, 2nd, 3rd highest averages of top 6 gr. 12 U/C, M or C courses
3 @ $200
St. Marys High School Staff - Faculty Scholarship for General Proficiency Presented to a student who has shown academic excellence (2nd highest graduating average)
St. Marys Staff Awards of Excellence Donated by the award winning staff to students who have shown dedication, perseverance, and personal accomplishment in preparing for post-secondary studies
2 @ $200
Student Council Award Presented for school dedication and citizenship goes above and beyond the requirements of their position in serving the St. Mary community
The Congregation of the Resurrection Bursary Award Presented to 2 students who have shown qualities of determination as new Canadians and who will be pursuing post-secondary education
2 @ $200
The Governor Generals Academic Medal Presented to the student with highest academic standing (1st highest graduating average)
The Waterloo Catholic District School Board Award Presented to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence (3rd highest graduating average)
WCDS Board of Trustees - Student Excellence Awards (U/C/W) Presented to a University bound student, a College bound student and a student bound for the World of Work who have demonstrated student excellence based on criteria that includes the OCGE (needs to have taken Workplace English).