Through agreements between the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, university dual credit opportunities allow students to simultaneously earn high school and university credits while studying at St. Mary’s.

Students studying Earth and Space Science (SES4UI) are eligible to earn a University of Waterloo ½ credit, while those who take Analyzing Current Economic Issues (CIA4UI) may earn a Wilfrid Laurier University ½ credit.

The standard passing grade (50%) is required in order to earn a secondary school credit. Students seeking to earn university dual credit must achieve a higher standard (e.g. 75%) on the standardized assessment administered as part of the identified grade 12 secondary school course. University officials ascertain that the content and evaluation used in the standardized assessment of the articulated dual credit course is of sufficient rigor and reflective of University competencies. The standardized assessment may include paper and pencil, performance/practical tasks and personal communication assessment methods.

Specific requirements and conditions apply. Students should speak to teachers in the respective departments or to their guidance counsellor for additional information.