Gr. 10 Milestones Program

Program Head:
John Murphy

Marco Albano
Peter Cheeseman
Amy Miller
BJ York

The Milestones program is for in-risk learners studying at the grade ten applied level.  Students are selected for their weak literacy and numeracy skills and for their overriding difficulties properly engaging in school.  Barriers to their success include poor attendance and work habits  as well as being behind in credit accumulation.

Milestones groups students in four classes – English, Math, History and Science. Subjects are semestered and use team teaching, special scheduling, a more experiential approach to learning, and supportive interventions to encourage positive growth.

By working in smaller groups with a more flexible schedule students have a greater opportunity to focus on the essential skills required to meet expectations and hopefully accumulate more credits than may otherwise have been attained. Additionally, students are given opportunity for credit recovery in their four compulsory credits. Teachers are trained in and use a variety of teaching, discipline and learning strategies that can be more effective with this style of learner.