Where Eagles Dare… to Make a Difference

SAC Director – Ms M. O’Connor

Staff Advisor – Ms E. Kovacs

Co-Presidents – Eva Stewart & Cornelia Manda

The St. Mary’s Student Activities Council (SAC) creates a spirited and informed community through school events, initiatives, and our school Instagram page @smhsac. We work together to ensure that all of our Eagles feel welcome, valued, and have a memorable high school experience!

Every spring a new SAC is formed for the upcoming school year. Elections are held for the positions of two Co-Presidents. There is an application and interview process for the rest of the positions.

Students should consider the many activities, clubs, intramurals, committees, and sports that are offered at our school. New activities and clubs are encouraged; please see the Co-Presidents for more information regarding starting up a new club or activity.

2022-2023 Student Council

Back Row: Ms. O’Connor, Cornelia Manda, Bella Alma, Bella Poulopoulos, Alyssa Ball, Julia Feledi, Georgia Luke, Purnata Talukder, Aleah Kaune, Katie Stehlik, Eryn Simoes, Lucas Lohrenz, Abby Mederak, Portia Curnew, ThaTha Par, Ms. Kovacs

Middle Row: Eva Stewart, Tinah Selvanesan, Amoya Scarlett, Olivia Rossel, Breindel Tout, Charis Chan, Sydney Marshall, Alison Wright, Isabelle Frias, Skylar Vinski, Lauren Spehar, Lucas Peitl

Front Row: Paige Spehar, Gabi Mesa

Missing: Boris Tatchev, Alan Sanjit, Heeseung Oh, Bethany Lassaline, Anika Fejerpataky

A Message From the Co-Presidents – Paige Spehar & Gabi Mesa

Hello Eagles! As your Co-Presidents for the 2022-2023 school year, we are committed to creating an inclusive, spirited, and welcoming environment for all of the St. Mary’s students. The members of SAC are working diligently to plan, organize, and facilitate school-wide events for the student body in order to ensure that our students experience a memorable year. In this leadership role, we represent the student body with the utmost respect, compassion, and excellence to ensure that the Eagles nest is a home away from home. We are the voice of the student body and we listen to all ideas and concerns from our Eagles. We want to make this school year the best we can because we know how covid affected us all, so we want to work hard to make this the best comeback year we can! We encourage all of our current and incoming Eagles to apply for student council and make the most of your high school experience!

A Message From the SAC Advisors – Ms. O’Connor & Ms. Kovacs

As the SAC advisors we have the joy and responsibility of overseeing the meetings, projects, and initiatives of our Co-Presidents and Student Council Members. We run our school’s Instagram page (@SMHSAC) which is the most popular method of communication between SAC and the St. Mary’s student body. As SAC Advisors we work with multiple hardworking and enthusiastic staff members to assist with many of the school’s other extracurricular activities as well. 

Student Activity Fee and Student Card

Every school year students are required to pay a Student Activity Fee. This fee grants students a Student Card. Student cards are acceptable proof of payment for student fees and are required for participation in extracurricular activities. Student extracurricular activities can include participation in clubs, holiday festivities, dances, teams, well-being initiatives etc. A student card is an important piece of photo identification which can be used for other community-based purposes as well.