The Graduation Coach Program’s purpose is to provide comprehensive, culturally responsive support to Black students, aiming to improve their well-being, academic achievements, and drive systemic change. He acts as a mentor and advisor, collaborating with school-based staff and the broader community to address individual and systemic barriers. This includes facilitating access to academic support and community resources while fostering a supportive environment.

The Graduation Coach can help students by:

  • engaging with them to affirm their identities and cultures through Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy
  • acting as a mentor, advisor and advocate for them with their educators, other school staff and families
  • collaborating with school staff, their caregivers/families, and community members to support their learning
  • working with the Core Team and school staff to create a long-term vision/plan for the students
  • identifying and addressing individual and systemic barriers to engagement, learning and well-being
  • facilitating access and referrals to academic support and community resources to provide an integrated support system for students

Parent or guardian consent is required for involvement with the Graduation Coach.  You may print off this consent form, speak with your guidance counsellor, or contact our Graduation Coach,