Innovation Week brings together local businesses, universities, colleges and leaders in our community to provide students with real-life opportunities to explore the world of innovation through science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The week focuses on hands-on learning that allows students to interact with professionals and develop 21st Century Learning Skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving and creativity.

We’re really excited about the opportunities and events that we have for our students. The week is going to have two main components: 1. Classroom Workshops; 2. Presentations in Alumni Hall.  Classroom Workshops: This is where students will get the chance to sign up for fields that are of interest to them such as computer coding, drone development, or 3D animation.




Presentation/Workshop Descriptions, Presenter Bios & Photos – for each day of Innovation Week:

click here  →  to SIGN-UP for any of the above presentations/workshops (space is limited – sign up soon!)

VIDEOS  →  Mr. Rodrigue     |     Mr. Dietrich     |     Mr. Bryson     |     Ella T. & Joseph K.     |     Mr. Scholtz