Course selection for the 2019-2020 school year are due Thursday, February 28th.

Students:  please go to to select your courses for next year.

Parents/Guardians:  please discuss course selection with your children and encourage them to select their courses for next year (prior to the Feb. 28th deadline.)

Questions? – please contact your Guidance Counselor – Academic Planning page of SMH website

List of Guidance Counselors

  • Joanne Regan (Pat Klassen) /  (student surnames:  A – C)
  • Joe Taranto (student surnames:  D – F + international students)
  • Lisa Collins (student surnames:  G – I)
  • Nancy Arruda (student surnames:  J – M)
  • Valerie Coates (student surnames:  N – R) – Semester 2
  • (Colleen Borman (student surnames:  N – R) – Semester 1)
  • Phil Lehmann (student surnames:  S – Z)