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Program Head
Jon Zagaja

Katherine Anderson

English Teachers
Jane Cowan
Karen Drummond
Tyler Ertel
Colleen Harrington
Justina Ho
John Kipfer
Darcel Kirvan
Leanne Kropf
Heather MacEachern
Kristy Miller
Tony Paolo
Tara-Lynn Richardson
Paula Scheben
Jon Zagaja

ESL Teachers
Katherine Anderson
Jon Zagaja

Language Teachers
April-Anne Elliot
Gisele Leger
Nicole Sobieszek
Cidalia Taggart

Student Information Sheets

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Advanced Placement English and French

The Advanced Placement Program at St. Mary’s High School is an enrichment program that challenges motivated and high-achieving students and emphasizes a commitment to academic excellence. The long term goal is to sharpen thinking and communications skills so that students are prepared for university. A secondary goal is to prepare students for Advanced Placement Exams, which provide them with an opportunity to earn first year university equivalency credits. The Enrichment and Extension section of our website provides further information on Pre-AP English, Pre-AP French and grade 12 Advanced Placement Courses.


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