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Adam Harnack (Special Ed. Coop)
Colleen Harrington
Melissa Hesch
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Jill Strassburger
Cidalia Taggart

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Make sure to select Co-op in your course selection on My Blueprint.
Then go to this link to complete the application processhttps://lf.wcdsb.ca/Forms/EXPLRN002F

About Co-op

Cooperative Education is a program that allows students to earn secondary school credits while completing a work placement in the community – approximately 180 hours for a typical 2-credit co-op term.

  • A student’s Co-op program consists of the Cooperative Education course, which is monitored by a Cooperative Education teacher and the related curriculum course (a course in any subject discipline, (e.g., business studies, math, technological education).
  • Every student in Co-op must have a Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP), which shows how the student’s related curriculum course is being applied to their Co-op placement.
  • The Cooperative Education course consists of a classroom component and a placement component. The classroom component includes approx. 30 hours of pre-placement instruction for a first-time co-op student, which prepares students for the workplace and includes instruction in areas of key importance such as health and safety, confidentiality, and the Employment Standards Act. Classroom sessions held at various times during and after the placement provide opportunities for students to reflect on and reinforce learning in the workplace.
  • Placements are arranged for students by their school and follow Ministry of Education Policy and Procedures
  • Access to a Cooperative Education Program is based on student readiness and program availability

For more information visit el.wcdsb.ca


All forms are also available in the Co-op office or Guidance office.