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Introduction – Advanced Placement (AP) Science

The AP Prep Science program at St. Mary’s High School is an enrichment program that caters to motivated students that have a passion for science.

While students can join this science stream at any point in their high school science career, getting off to a good start in grade 9 is always best.

Students who complete the Advanced Placement (AP) Biology and/or Physics in their senior years are exceptionally well prepared for first year university programs in math, science, engineering and technology programs.

Students must be highly motivated and studious. Grade 8 students must register for the SNC 1DP through Career Cruising as well as apply to the program by completing an application and teacher reference which can be found on the school website.

Recommended Course Progression

  • grade 9 – Science AP Prep – SNC1DP
  • grade 10 – Science AP Prep – SNC2DP
  • grade 11 – Physics AP Prep – SPH3UP – Semester 2
  • grade 12 – Physics AP – SPH4UP – Semester 1
  • grade 11 – Biology AP Prep – SBI3UP – Semester 2
  • grade 12 – Biology AP – SBI4UP – Semester 1 (this course to be introduced 2020-2021 academic year)