Special Education

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Welcome to Special Education Program Area

Program Head
Kristy McDonnell

Educational Assistants
Kimberly Adams-McLeod
Evelyn Ashton
Stella Beaudin (CYCW)
Kristianne Boyd
Jennifer Chamberlin (Assistive Tech. Coordinator)
Rhonda Cook
Nicole Cornfield (CYCW)
Debbie Davies
Valerie Dietrich
Ginny Elliott
Brenda Feeney
Patricia George
Karen Ireland
Sandra Kropf
Michelle Mawhiney
Margaret McNeil
Evelyne Menard
Danielle Modolo
Felesha Pigden
Gina Rabak
Mary Jo Raslovetzky
Judy Scorfield
Keri Thompson (CYCW)
Bonnie Zettler

Joan Ariss (student surnames: H – O)
Sandra Karl (student surnames: A – G)
Kristy McDonnell
Shannon Penney (student surnames: P – Z)

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Enrichment Opportunities

Applications for enrichment opportunities are available in the Enrichment Basket in room 233. If you need another copy of the booklet of enrichment opportunities for the board, these are also available.

If you would like notice of ongoing opportunities, add your name to the enrichment list by contacting Ms. Joan McCormick in Program Support (rm. 233).

Refer also to the “Enrichment & Extension” section under the “Academic Programs” menu.

Community Connections

Since 1994 the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) and the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) have been publishing the Community Connections information booklet outlining support services for persons with disabilities in conjunction with an information night of the same name.

The intent of this booklet is to provide you with connections to resources that are available in our communities within Waterloo Region. It offers an easy way to search for options and make decisions about which programs fit your needs.

Refer to the St. Mary’s Course Calendar for course descriptions

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