Pre-AP French

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The Advanced Placement Program in French at St. Mary’s High School is an enrichment program that challenges motivated and high-achieving students to expand their skills and exposure to studies in French. The program emphasizes a commitment to academic excellence. The long term goal is to sharpen thinking and communications skills so that students are prepared for university. A secondary goal is to prepare students for the Advanced Placement French Exam that takes place in the spring semester of their grade 12 year, which provides them with an opportunity to earn a first year university equivalency credit in French.

What are the Qualities of a Pre-AP French Student?

  • Strong readers and writers
  • Self-motivated learners
  • High achievers
  • Sponges for learning
  • Possibly underachieving due to boredom

What the Research Says about AP Students?

Research shows that the best predictor of whether or not a student completes a university degree is not their high school grades or standardized tests. Rather, the best predictor is how many challenging courses a student has taken in high school. Students who challenge themselves with AP courses and exams are much more likely to complete a university degree in four years or less.