The chapel is the center and heart of St. Mary’s High School. Dedicated in 2004 by Bishop Anthony of Tonnos of the Hamilton Diocese, it serves the needs of staff and students. Students and staff can visit the chapel daily to pray, reflect and spend quiet time in the presence of Our Lord. Classes and groups use the chapel for liturgies, reconciliation, Eucharist and religious events. Fr. Toby Collins, CR is a graduate of St. Marys and is a welcome presence at our school for our liturgies, the sacrament of reconciliation and classroom visits. He and priests from our neighboring parishes St. Aloysius and Blessed Sacrament preside over our Friday morning masses every week before the morning bell rings. Please come join us!

Welcome to St. Mary’s. My name is Annabel Quinn, and I have been your Chaplain since 2007.

As a graduate myself of St. Mary’s I am no stranger to the kind and loving spirit this school has always offered to anyone who has walked through the front doors.

The school may have physically changed dramatically (now we’re co-ed, we’ve moved in 2001 to a new building that is beside a three lane roundabout, and the population is so large that some days it feels like a self-contained town) but one thing hasn’t changed though; the students of today share the indelible marks of a communal heritage. Our Catholic legacy is who we are. I am blessed to be a part of this school community and offer my gifts to its service, and to the service of the Gospel.

He is there for us. As your chaplain I will work with St. Mary’s toward shaping an environment that enhances personal and communal growth in body, mind and spirit. My primary role as chaplain is to facilitate this growth in the context of our Catholic faith. This will be done by sharing with students and staff in liturgical celebrations, retreats, social action, support groups, pastoral counseling (including grief and bereavement), and walking with individuals and groups on their faith journey.

Please come visit me or if you need to talk. Send me an email at or call me at 519-745-6891 ext. 5626.

Fr. Toby Collins, CR is a graduate of St. Mary’s (2001). He has many fond memories of this great high school and enjoys coming back to visit the students in both a casual and formal setting. He supports our liturgies and our graduates as well as does classroom visits. Please check out his great website – vocation culture – where Fr. Toby invites people considering all vocations (consecrated, married, single, religious which is all of us!) to peruse the site and read up on him and what’s happening. Take a look:     Video of Opening Liturgy Sept. 2013 with Fr. Toby Collins

Facebook: SMH Culture of Life

St. Mary’s Students Give Back!

The students and staff of St. Mary’s are generous in contributing to our Mission projects. Every Thursday at the start of the last period a loose change collection takes place after the mission initiative is announced. The focus is on everyone; our world, our country, our province, our region, our city and our very own St. Mary’s community all benefit from the generosity of our staff and students.

Our average weekly donation is $300 but we have collected as much as $1000 in one week – in loose change alone!

2014 – 2015 school year – $12,180.18
2013 – 2014 school year – $14,998.36
2012 – 2013 school year – $13,471.00
2011 – 2012 school year – $11,265.15
2010 – 2011 school year – $16,583.99
2009 – 2010 school year – $19,537.57
2008 – 2009 school year – $16,153.31
2007 – 2008 school year – $10,570.94

To learn more about the organizations that we support, click on the links/pictures below and they will bring you to a website! Please help us to help those in need.

THINK fast is a 24 hour education and fundraising fast that takes place every Lent in our chapel.

Learn more about global issues and help those in the Global South to build a better life. Senior students (gr 11 and 12) collect pledges to support the work of Development and Peace’s partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. TOGETHER we can make a difference!

For 24 hours our jammed packed chapel is filled with hungry students who participate in prayer, reflections and discussions about the plight of the poor and hungry. As well we play games throughout the school, socialize and some even sleep 🙂
while remembering all the things Jesus did for us and calls us to do today.

Dominican Encounter with Faith & Hospitality

Interested in going on a board wide school trip to the Dominican Republic?
Consider attending the Dominican Encounter with Faith & Hospitality
(Encuentro Dominicano con Fe y Hospitalidad)
during the 2019 – 2020 School Year (this upcoming November 2019)