Where Eagles Dare … to Make a Difference

SAC Director – Staff Advisor – Ms J. Horgan

Kylie Atkinson, Lexie Beals, Erik Caceros, Savanah Callery, Alyssa Fonseca, Nicole Freeland, Liam Goodyear, Bethany Hoffestetter, Joseph Khoshaba, Elyse Malleck, Shannon McCormick, Emily Moss, Keziah Mukalel, Hanna Przybyla, Naomie Seh, Josh Spurgeon, Nicole Stoyakovich, Ellah Thompson, Kate Vautour, Philemon Weldu, Madison Witt, Joy Zaia

Erik Caceros, Naomie Seh

Alyssa Fonseca, Shannon McCormick, Joseph Khoshaba, Philemon Weldu

Lexie Beals, Elyse Malleck, Savanah Callery

Nicole Stoyakovich, Bethany Hoffestetter

Madison Witt, Nicole Freeland

Ellah Thompson, Keziah Mukalel, Joy Zaia

Liam Goodyear, Emily Moss, Hanna Przybyla

Kylie Atkinson, Kate Vautour

The Student Council is organized by constitution for the purpose of sponsoring and financing co-curricular activities. The Student Council consists of an executive and committee representatives.

School is much more than a place where academics are studied between 8:55 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. All students should give consideration to the many activities, clubs, intramurals, committees, and sports which are offered. New activities and clubs are always welcomed; please see the Student Activities Director for information regarding joining or starting an activity.

A new Student Council is formed each Spring for the following year. Elections are held for the positions of President and Vice-President. The rest of the council is appointed. The executive positions include: Athletic Council Chair, Arts Council Chair, Public Relations Rep., Spirit Rep., Special Events Convenor, Business Manager, Junior Representative, a Social Justice Representative and a School Council Representative. General Student Council meetings are held at least once a month. Be sure to get involved!

Student Activity Fee and Student Card

The Student Activity Fee for the school year will be $50.00. The fee is non-refundable two (2) weeks after registration date. Please keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Student cards are issued in late September to students who have paid their fees.

Student cards are required for participation in co-curricular activities with the card being the only acceptable proof of payment. Students who do not pay this fee lose the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities e.g. teams, dances, clubs, etc., which are supported by monies from the student activity fees, but extra-curricular in nature. This is an important piece of photo identification which can be used for other community based purposes, and should be kept with you at all times.