Where Eagles Dare … to Make a Difference

SAC Director – Ms M. Robson

Staff Advisor – Ms E. Kovacs

The St. Mary’s Student Activities Council (SAC) creates a community and works optimistically through school events, initiatives, and our school Instagram page @smhsac. We work together to make sure that all of our Eagles feel welcome, valued, and have a memorable high school experience.

Students should consider the many activities, clubs, intramurals, committees, and sports that are offered at our school. New activities and clubs are encouraged; please see the Student Activities Director for more information regarding starting up a new club or activity. In our world today, COVID has limited us however, we are preserving and adapting. Some of our events we have in a normal school year still exist however, they are now virtual!

A few of our SAC members during our online COVID friendly meeting

2019-2020 Student Activities Council at Camp Kintail Retreat

Every spring a new SAC is formed for the upcoming school year. Elections are held for the positions of two Co-Presidents. There is an application and interview process for the rest of the positions. The executive positions include:

  • Arts Representatives
  • Assembly Representatives
  • Athletics Representatives
  • Social Justice Representatives
  • Special Events Representatives
  • Healthy Schools Representatives
  • Special Education Representatives
  • Inclusivity Representatives
  • Faith Representative
  • Technology Representatives
  • Communications Representatives
  • Grade Nine Representatives

SAC meetings are held once a week. Make sure to get involved!

Student Activity Fee and Student Card (2020-2021)

The Student Activity Fee for the school year is $25.00 (instead of the usual $50.00).

Student extracurricular activities e.g. clubs, holiday festivities, dances, teams, well-being initiatives etc., are supported by the student activity fees.

Student cards are acceptable proof of payment for student fees and are required for participation in extracurricular activities. Student cards will be issued as E-IDs this year. Student’s will have their student cards available to them in their smart phone wallet app. If students do not have this option, then a physical card will be provided for them. This is an important piece of photo identification which can be used for other community-based purposes as well.