STUDENT SUCCESS CENTRE – room 221 (formerly room 235)

We’re Here to Help – We’re a One-Stop Shop!

Open All Day
-Our room is open before school, all periods, and both lunches.

Teaching Staff
-Student Success and Program Support (IEP) monitors are available for assistance.

Technology & Supplies
-Students can use desktop computers or chromebooks.
-Printing is also available.
-Need school supplies? The room is stocked with pencils, pens, paper, calculators, glue sticks, binders…

Class Support
-During regular class periods, teachers can assign their students to the room.
-Attendance is taken and monitored.

-We’ve got answers, or we’ll help you find them!


  • Literacy & Math Help
  • Organizational Skills
  • Studying for Tests & Exams
  • Credit Recovery
  • Extra-Curricular Information
  • Grade 10 Literacy Test (OSSLT)
  • Nutrition for Learning Station
  • Connections with Caring Adults