Program Head:
John Murphy

Tyler Ertel
Tom Mandich

Educational Assistants:
Rhonda Cook
Paula Stilwell

Youth Care Worker:
Sherry West

Program Information

The grade 9 Boundaries program was created to address the need for extensive support for our incoming students with social and/or behavioural concerns. Many of the students selected for this program came to SMH having already faced failure in the classroom, suspensions and negative self-images.

The focus of the program is on building and promoting a positive learning community characterized by trust, collaboration, goal-setting, building of positive beliefs, development of self esteem and helping these students to recognize that they are valued and can be successful.

Core subjects, taught at the essential level, are scheduled into the first and last period of each day, both semesters. This gives the students a consistent start and end to their school day, surrounded by school staff focused on proactive problem-solving and supportive interventions to bring about positive growth.